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At Resolution Services Counseling and Wellness Office of Vivian Patton, we offer a variety of outpatient services to best resolve any issue a client may be experiencing.

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Telephone: 907-770-7769

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Resolution Services Patient Forms & Portal

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Clients' Testimonies

"Resolution Services has been a place where I felt I didn't have to hide what was going on in my life no matter if it was family problems, money hardships or life drama. I always get the support and advice that I need. It may not always be the things I want to hear but was exactly what I needed to hear in order for me to keep myself in check. The counselors have been very understanding of my situations and have helped and given me support when I needed it most. I greatly appreciate them because of this."

S.N age 27 Anchorage, Ak

"I originally chose Resolution Services because I wanted a more personalized, small group setting as opposed to a regulated, large "cookie Cutter Program" that I feel wouldn't help me get the treatment I need. I was able to participate in the Prime for Life class and was able to learn a lot from it such as the difference between high risk and low risk choices I could make and how at risk I would be if I ever chose to drink again. I feel so welcome at Resolution Services and like I actually have a voice in group. They have taught me so much that I didn?t realize about myself from the anger management and domestic violence to the phases of use. It?s hard to reflect on myself, and the counseling here has given me the tools and the environment I need to really be able to look at and see myself clearly. With help from Resolution Services I have been able to change my behaviors and work on myself as well as my triggers in a healthy environment. I feel like I belong at Resolution Services and that my sobriety is just as important to their staff as it is to me. I know that if I drink again, it will be surely an instantaneous death for me. Not as much as the physical initially, but the emotional and moral decline with start immediately, only followed by sickness and death. I have lost and wasted so very much of my life and damaged so many that I love around me, that I cannot and WILL NOT entertain the idea of drinking, and the only way that I can continue to stay sober and keep any old ideas or romances of alcohol away is to rely on learning every tool available and learn how to ask for help and listen. Some of the tools that I have learned are the differences between negative emotions and triggers. How to recognize relationship problems, to learn how to keep myself from certain scenarios that could potentially lead to me relapse, coping skills and learning how to ask for help and accept it when given. Vivian and her staff have always been caring and ready to talk to me at any time and do not hesitate to remind me of my goals and listen to me. I don't feel like a number when I attend classes and groups, I feel like a person and am in a place where my sobriety and how I feel genuinely matters."

E.H age 47 Anchorage, Alaska

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